Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Choo Choo chugga chugga

Week 5: 

10/19: Strength/TM - 2 miles
10/20: 4 miles. Indoors. YMCA
10/21: 6 miles; outside. 4.5 w D. 1.5 solo
10/22: strength 10 minutes
10/23: rest 
10/24: 10 miles, outside. Slow minutes
10/25: strength/stretch

Monday's details: 
5 rounds
10 squat cleans
10 push press
10 SA DB swings #20 (each side)

Ended w .75 to total 2 miles 

Thursday's details:
5 rounds
10 front raises #8
10 fly raises #8
10 hammer curls #8
10 squat and press #8

When O was younger, he was obsessed with trains. I cannot count how many times and how many episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine and Choo Choo Soul have been burned into my brain. I think he really craved the order and synchronicity of the trains itself - all lined up in a row each with its own specific purpose. He has since outgrown his obsession love with trains but he definitely still exhibits the same obsessive tendencies. Kind of annoying as a parent, honestly, when your kid is so insistent and focused  that he won't give up, even when all signs point to Game Over. Dead End. Full Stop.

Training feels like that to me sometimes. As annoying and overbearing it gets in my life, I still crave that order, the knowledge of knowing that next stop. Often think I must be as annoying to my friends and family as I felt(feel?) Oliver was to us back then when he always and only had trains on the brain. But, now I understand. It will bode well for him in life, this personality trait. Doesn't make it any less annoying though. 😉

With each training cycle, I try to make sure that the schedule doesn't overtake and control the rest of our lives, but.. When you're the mom and certain responsibilities lie with you, juggling it all and making time for what is important is... not necessarily a struggle, because it's all worth the perseverance and hard work, BUT! It's tiring. I'm tired! You'd think after all of these times I could have found the recipe for this...

Last week was a super slogfest. I'm starting to think this heavy dead legs feeling is not all from weight training. I've really started to realistically study my diet and its affects on training, and my overall health. I am starting to be more diligent about vitamins, drinking enough water and really thinking about my protein intake. So much work, but if I want to see results I have to put in all the work, right? Right. So, stop eating the sugar, LB. 

I was psyching myself up over Saturday's 10 miles. It's been a while since I've ran 10 miles, let alone outside and alone.  I had to mentally pep talk myself all of Friday and even Saturday morning. Luckily, we didn't have plans until the afternoon so I was able to sleep in a bit, make pancakes for the family and then head out around 9. In the rush to find some working earbuds, I left the house without any fuel. Whoops! Turns out, you don't need fuel as much when you aren't running very fast. The GU could have helped but I was really ok without it.

The first two miles always suck in major ways, but I found my groove around mile 4, and ended up doubling back in the middle to knock out some miles. My legs didn't feel great but I felt.. Ok. Not like death,  but not like a rockstar. Somewhere in the middle, like your average pedestrian suburbanite. My main goal was not necessarily pace (although, isn't that always really the goal) but to finish strong those 10 miles. Save for two brief stop lights, I ran the entire way and for a moment, I even #ranhappy, if you can believe it. 

So, first 10 miles in the training cycle are on the books!

This week's 10 miles are scheduled for the treadmill.

Hold meeee

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