Monday, November 9, 2015

And on a Sunday

Week 7:

11/2: Rest
11/3: 6 miles - 1 mi WU. 3,4? 800's. 200m recovery. 1.5 mi cd. 55+min
11/4: 4 miles,  easy 
11/5: 1 TM. Circuits. 45 min
11/6: Strength circuit. 40 min. PM
11/7: Rest
11/8: 11 miles- 1hr45. 

Total weekly mileage: 22

I wish I would have started training a couple weeks earlier than I did. I keep looking back at my training journal from last year and I can't remember hitting those paces, and I certainly don't remember it being as hard as it has been this time around. During yesterday's long run, I had lots of time to think about the race, and decided I may need to revisit my goals. In my experience, I race exactly as I train. There are no race day heroics or surprise performances. What I practice comes to fruition. Every single time. So unless I can (literally) turn it up a couple of notches, I will not be meeting or beating my time from last year. I think I'm ok with that, based on the fact that this training cycle has been so different (especially with the addition of more and heavier weight training. It's funny how I can feel so sloggy while running, but still strong in other times. The other day, I even noticed baby biceps forming on my normally wobbly old lady bat wings. Even J noticed and was pretty impressed. 

So. Baby steps. I don't have everything figured out quite yet (will I ever?) but I think that's ok. I am healthier than I was even a few years ago so at least I have that for which I'm thankful. 

I also think since I am running less weekly mileage - replacing the short 3,4 mile runs w XT- this might also be affecting my endurance/mental strength? Who knows! Just a thought. 

So. Last week. 

This time around I have been working out on Mondays, which normally would be a rest day for me. However, last week I started the week off with a rest and decided Tuesday would be my speed day.

My "speed" session was not easy. 800's are hard! I lost track of how many I did, but even 3 is a lot. I think I definitely need to throw in some real speed work into my rotation on a consistent basis, not just when I'm training. I need to remind my legs what it feels like to move faster than a snail. 

I did try to keep Wednesdays 4 miles easy. I always start my first mile at a 6.0 on the treadmill (10 min/mile) and hovered around 6.3, 6.4. 

Thursday workout details

Workout courtesy of Megan - munchercruncher on Instagram

Um. Way harder than I thought it would be. And took me longer too! Total workout was 45 minutes. Solid. Also. #wobblylegs

Friday workout details: 
     5 rounds
      20 DB cleans #20
      10 squat and press #15
      10 burpees 

      5 rounds
       12 bicep curls
       12 hammer curls
       12 upright rows
       12 push-ups
       12 triceps dips
        40 min total

Our scheduling didn't line up this week so I had to postpone my long run to Sunday, which tends to stress me out. I like to get my long runs out of the way first thing on Saturday so I can enjoy the weekend. You know, eat out, have a glass of wine, etc. . But, since I really had no other choice, I decided to try and look positively at the situation.  I took the opportunity to sleep in on Saturday (until 9:15!!!), make pancakes for the kids and just lounge around the house. I took W to a birthday party, made my favorite sweet potato chili, hung out with the kids and then later in the evening we had dinner out for my mom and brother's birthdays. I made sure to carb load on lots of sushi and noodles. 

Sunday I quite literally rolled out of bed at 6:07, had a cup of coffee and two small leftover pancakes w a smear of almond butter, and then was out the door by 7:20. I looped around the adjacent neighborhood twice until I hit 2 horrid warmup miles and then headed out of the neighborhood for 9 more very inconsistent miles. I tried to relax and take it easy but the beginning miles were a struggle (aren't they always). Around mile 4,5 I started to hit the groove. I had a vanilla GU close to mile 6 but no water. I didn't feel thirsty during the entire run but I'm sure I could have used some hydration. I can't stand any water belts so I may have to cave and try a handheld. Anyways. Mile 9 was a long uphill and I managed to keep it 10 minutes although last year at this time I was closer to 9. Womp. Oh well. That was last year. Anyways, I really had to dig for the last two miles. Mile 10 felt very long and then by mile 11 I just wanted to be done. I put my head down, pumped my arms and tried not to implode. 

Of course when it was done, I was super proud of myself for not giving up its toor letting myself stop, except for one stop light. I managed to finish about a mile from home, so I walk/jogged to cool down and let my body slowly recoup. When I end the run right in front of my house, I tend to rush inside and take a shower  without bothering to stretch or cool down. I've also been more mindful about making sure to refuel right after my hard workouts. I've finally found a protein powder that is gentle in my stomach! Hallelujah. However, running in general is not kind to my stomach, so especially after long runs I tend to use the facilities a few times more than normal. I might try to take Pepto or Immodium before my next long run, to see if that helps any. 

11 miles this past Sunday.

11 miles? Or the peace sign?

Or. Both?

13 this coming Saturday. I can do it. Right. 

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  1. So I think I can manage a few miles at the end of your half in a few weeks if you don't mind a hop on. What do you say?