Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 8, feelin (kinda) great!

First 30 mile week in a long time! Weekday runs were fine but my 13 miler on Saturday was probably the highlight. 

I've never run a longer run with a pace under 9 min mile so this was a small milestone me! Sure, I felt like imploding the last mile but that's ok! The number on  my watch gives me more motivation to keep chipping away at my speed and endurance. I guess consistent training pays off. I mean, imagine. 

*insert self directed eye roll*

My splits are a little wiggity wack. Not sure what happened during the first mile because it didn't feel difficult at all but oy, the second and third mile always blow donkey balls (my favorite weird saying, usually saved for texted with my sister). None of the miles felt easy but only the last mile or so felt very tough.

Highlight of my run-  Every weekend, an old man pulls up his lawn char on the sidewalk by the main road, near the apartments. He hunkers down for a bit, smokes his cigar and watches life pass by. Even when it's pouring rain, I'll spot him tucked away under a tree; red and white striped umbrella shielding him from the rain, cigar smoke wafting out from under his shelter. 

On Saturday, I ended up running up and down the same street about...5,6 times, each time acknowledging him with a small wave. On my last stretch before leaving the area, I waved and shouted across the street, "have a good day!", which is pretty out of character for me. Read: I'm not generally very friendly. 

We're buddies now. 

Confession. I stopped and pulled to the side half through the last mile to say a quick prayer and give myself a tiny pep talk.  Sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Gu at miles 5 and 10. Water fountains are back on! Hallelujah!

Sunday's shake out miles on the treadmill felt surprisingly great. The quick 20 minute circuit workout, though...

It's Tuesday, and I'm still rockin the rodeo walk #cowbowstrut #owowow


Week 8

4 miles, easy. 4 15 on/15 off

5 miles

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 6 miles. x 2

Friday: rest

Saturday: 13 miles. 1:56+. 8:57 pace

Sunday: 2 miles, TM. Circuit. 


Rest: 2
Run: 5
XT: 2
Miles: 30!

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