Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Almost not really halfway there

I'm experiencing an interesting phenomenon. 

Imagine training specifically for a race using a solid training plan, sticking to said plan, and then seeing results as the weeks progress.


What a novel idea right? Instead of willy nilly throwing around junk miles, you put your head down and work. Huh. 

I am hesitant to be so optimistic but so far, training seems to be going really well. I'm still waking up most days at 4 (insert bleary eyed zombie emoji <here>) to squeeze in my prescribed run or workout before work. I'm respecting the plan, the paces, and my rest. I'm seeing results I haven't seen in over a year.  

So far I feel great! 

Sorry. The exclamation mark seems a little unlike me. Much too enthusiastic. 

Let's try this again.

So far I feel great....?


I mean, it's not like I'm breaking any speed records or qualifying for the Olympic trials but still, it's my small victory. 

Such a far cry from a year, even six months ago.

What's changed? 

My perspective. I finally stopped the nagging voice in my head comparing myself to everyone around me. Those people aren't training to run my race. It's MY race. No one is juggling this life but me. 

Four weeks ago when I rolled out of bed and stepped back on the treadmill at 4am, I was tired. So very tired. I mean, it's basically still nighttime, right? But, at the end of those 4 miles, I was euphoric. It's amazing what endorphins can do, even that early in the morning. That feeling carried throughout the day, and it's that feeling that continues to motivate me to get my ass out of bed every morning before the roosters even stir. Even J has noticed a change in my attitude when I work out. I think he likes it, because when I'm grumpy, everyone pays the price. #scarymommy

Now look. It's still hard as hell to peel myself out of that warm bed, and the first mile or two always feels torturous but I stick to it every morning. There are moments of wanting to quit but then again, isn't that why I'm training? To push through those moments and get better? 

I had great runs leading up to my long run on Saturday, and I was actually quite eager to bang out my 10 milesmiles. I was stuck running solo this week, around the neighborhood I've run through nearly one zillion times in the last four years. I love running with other people. It's my favorite thing actually, but running alone is best when I'm focused on trying to hit specific paces. I made hamster wheel circles and back peddled all through the streets of Lakeland Hills, and when I finally rounded my last corner and hit the 10 mile mark, i stopped my watch and was pleasantly surprised to see numbers I hadn't seen in a while.

 10 miles. Boom

Like I said, I'm not breaking records, but I ended the run happy. My headphones died at mile five so I was left with a lot of "me" time, most of which was spent trying to mentally calculate 5 more miles through the neighboring streets. I did stop once to check to see if the water fountains were turned on (they weren't)  and to check if my headphones really were dead (they were). I accidentally split my gum out into the side walk at mile and had a salted caramel GU at mile 5.5, and nothing else but wind after that.

I tried to finish strong, and the last two miles were sub 9. I haven't been able to consistently hit that pace in so long, so to see progress was exciting.


Week 4 recap

Monday 2/22
YMCA- evening 
2000m row - 12 min
Triceps and back- 10 min
Half mile jog around track

Tuesday 2/23
5 miles

Wednesday 2/24
4 miles 

Thursday 2/25:
6 mile

Friday 2/26

Saturday 2/27
10 miles. Last two at race pace 
1:31 min. 9:09 avg pace 

Sunday 2/28

Run days:  4
Miles: 25
Rest: 2

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