Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Seriously... What week is this?

Week 6...7? ..6?

It's too early to lose track of the weeks, and yet...

Monday- Active rest (walk, stairs at work)
Tuesday- 7.5 miles, hill intervals w/ easy WU/CD
Wednesday - 6 easy w Dani 
Thursday - 4 TM, 1 mile strides
Friday - rest
Saturday - 10 mi, 9:20 pace. 1 cool down
Sunday - 6 miles, 9:15 pace, w/ 1.5 mi CD


Miles: 36
Run days: 5
Rest: 2
Strength: 0

I don't know what I'm doing.

No clue.

Technically I am marathon training but it kind of doesn't feel like marathon training? Actually no. I'm not sure I even know what it should feel like but I do know it's about to get real real.  

So far the miles run have been... mediocre at best. I'm not sure what to expect  with each run, since I'm not quite sure what a realistic marathon pace should be. I've only ever trained for half marathons and so my current time is not only kind of arbitrary but a little irrelevant. 

No wait, untrue. I can use my time to calculate/predict marathon pace but I'm not even sure what to use, since my last half in November wasn't quite at full race effort, and I never did run the May half that I had been training for. 

I don't know.

See, no idea what I'm doing over here. 

I feel like I've spent the last 6 weeks building up my ham hocks for the increase in miles but also to increase in speed. However, I know that this being my first marathon, I need to focus on getting the miles on my feet and building endurance. It's not necessarily about a specific pace or going fast. Intrinsically I know this. I KNOW. But  I will be completely honest, it's a hard pill to swallow. Of course I want to run my best but the weirdly stubborn competitive side of me wants to run "fast". But we all know the first marathon really isn't about that. I'm not going to be winning any awards or breaking speed barriers anytime soon. As my wise friend Ecac keeps reminding me, training for your first is about building time on your feet as you increase the long run mileage in order to finish.

Frankly, I'm a little scared.

Ok fine, I'm freaking the eff out about the thought of running for 3, 4+ hours not once, not twice, but three times! Two will be training runs and then, you now, the actual race. S'tired just thinking about it. 

I guess that's why I continue to wake up early and push myself to keep going. It's a battle of mind as well as body, both of which are currently not playing very nice. I forced myself to rest yesterday, even though a weekday off is always such a tempting opportunity for me to fit in an outdoor run. I literally had to force myself to not run and just embrace a rest day. I will not lie, it was painful to think of the miles I could have run yesterday but this morning I woke up for my run and felt nice and.. Wait for it... Rested. I mean, of course I was tired and the first two miles took ages... No, centuries, to finish but I did it. Lately post run my knee has been bothering me but today it feels ok, not sore or tender like it had been. Remind me that in order to rebuilt I have to rest. Imma need people to beat that into me.

Ok: so this is a longer post than normal but I must share my neurosis.

Tuesday's run was a garmin programmed hill workout. 2 mi WU. 8x45 sec up, 1 min cd. 1 mi cd. At the end of the workout my watch calculated 4.49 miles. I reset my watch and decided I'd run 1.51 to each 6 total miles. However, when my watch reached 1.51, it bothered me that the mileage was not an even number. You see, I always need to stop at an even mileage. It must be "blank point zero".

I cannot be the only one, right? Right?

Hello..? Bueller....

So. I decided to run .49 to even out my watch number to 2 miles but then that meant my total mileage was 6.49, which... was again not an even number. I decided to run another .51 to get to get to 7. 


Then that meant my watch would read 2.51.... So. Yes, I ran .49 until it hit 3. At this point, my second run mileage was an even 3 but the run total was 7.49.... So yes, I ran in a circle in front of my house for .01 to reach at least 7.5. I was tempted to go to 8 but I had juuuust even control to squelch the insanity.

Kind of.

Is anyone even still reading this crazy? I mean, I can't even....

As for Sundays 7.5, I mean... I don't even know...

Ok crappy pictures!

On Sundays we dress like clowns.

How I feel every morning when my alarm initially goes off 

My current fave meme (oldie but goody)

Contemplating this groovy jacket. 

Also, please note all 3 children crammed into the dressing room at Zara, while J got to try on his clothes in private. Fun times. Children bribed w individual bags of candy- works every time... Until they spill it all over the floor.

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  1. I love that I have similar selfies in the Zara dressing room minus the children. Good to know so many people can fit in there!
    yay marathons!