Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Only week 6 and I'm running out of post titles.

6/19: Strength
6/20: 6 early miles with D
6/21: 6 pm miles. Death.
6/22: 4 miles, TM
6/23: off
6/24: 10 miles, easy hard. 15 min strength
6/25: 6 miles easy, with D. 15 min strength 


Strength: 3 mini sessions 
Miles: 32
Full rest: 1

Third 30 mile week in this training. Like I said before, I was totally winging the first few weeks. This week will start week 2 of the official training plan that I'm using but I must confess:

I already tweaked the first week. The mileage for week "one" felt too low for my comfort. Knowing my body, I know run exactly how I train, so if I don't get my body/legs/mind used to the mileage, I have a feeling I will suffer come race day. Although, I'm probably going to suffer regardless. Eep.

So far, 30ish miles seems to be feeling ok, although I'm still keeping Sunday as the optional and mileage flexible easy day. 

I need to be real witchu doh- I notice I only post the pace when I feel like it's good/fast (for me) and not when it's a slogfest.


I want to be honest in the process. Most miles are slog paced and only faster if I'm intentional or having a weirdly zen day. 

Last weeks runs were all in the 9:30-10:00 range, Previously, I hit 9 and sub 9 paces for a good majority of my runs. My pace swings wildly, and sometimes it's just (for me) slow. I'm working on being okay with that. 

Saturday's long run was not my favorite. It was quite clear after the first mile that the run would not be my best, and I decided about 15 minutes into that I would just run for the miles. I would not even consider trying to push the pace or be hard on myself for not going faster.  For the entire 10 miles, I hovered around a 9:30-40 pace and I never did get that pep that usually comes around mile 4. Since I was at an easier pace, I did force myself to run up a long climbing slope and I threw in some fartleks (and maybe some actual farts?) during the last mile. The entire run I was telling myself that it is important to not run every run as fast as you can, and that slower running is just as beneficial. It's hard to not want to post your best bad ass times to social media but I have to keep telling myself that running a marathon is not about that. It's not about anyone but me. Right? Right.

So, last week was overall a good week. If I adjust my expectations to not be totally ridiculous, I think I'm doing alright so far.

Love step counts on the long run days. This was just post run. 

Legs up on the wall post run. 
My runners tan is getting more amusing by the week. #peachcoloredshorts

Current weird obsession- TJ salt water taffy. 

I don't know...

Totally unrelated to running or, anything frankly. This was in front of the toilet at Jimmy John's. Just. Huh.... 

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