Monday, June 13, 2016

Only week 3! Already week 3!

Week 3, done!

6/6 off
6/7 3 miles. Strength
6/8: 4.5 miles pm, slow. 20 min strength. 4 min tabata. 3 min planks
6/9: 3 miles, pm. 
6/10: off
6/11: 8 miles. Strength
6/12: 6 miles easy

Approx 25 miles total

I haven't hit 25 miles in a couple of months so I'm counting this as a tiny personal milestone. I still cannot. I comprehend how normal, non elite runners can hit 75+ miles a week. My legs would surely fall off. Also, when do these people sleep? Work? Live? Maybe I just do not possess the capacity to compress my time into the short hours we have in the day but it's hard not to compare yourself to others. Trust me. I try really hard not to, though, because what's the point? I'M living this life, mine. 

Anyways, 25 miles for me is pretty decent, so there you go. 

Saturday for my longer run I decided to try and listen to a podcast instead of music. My tunes are all pretty stale. I mean, one of my playlists is titled "May 2014 running". Time to refresh it stat! Anyways, I ended up listening to two Running on Om podcasts w Lauren Fleshman, whom I love and think is super badass and want to be her fren. I was always skeptical of the allure of podcasts while running, because the thought of just listening to someone talk about random topics sound boring doesn't it? But I noticed how much effort and thought I was giving to the words being spoken, instead of just mentally ticking off every mile and calculating my route until I could hit the mileage. 

The podcast features a reader Q/A session where listeners can write or tweet questions, and one topic in particular caught my attention. It was about how LF was able to stay in the moment and be present in all the different facets of her life - running, coaching, writing, parenting. 

Now you know my ears perked up at this, because yes. How. How does one do this. Do tell.

Her answer, not surprisingly, was not earth shattering. She is very intentional in her actions; whatever as is doing. When she's training, she's in athlete mode. When she's parenting, she's investing her time in her son and her husband. She is simply being present.

This really struck a chord with me. 

I'm doing all of these things to try and survive the day - running, working, cooking, parenting. 

But I'm just... doing. Survival mode at its finest. 

So really, I'm not actually experiencing anything at all. I'm merely surviving instead of thriving. And if I feel this way, full of anxiety and stress, I can't imagine how my family and friends must feel around me. 

Anyways, I ran 8 moderately paced miles on Saturday listening to the first podcast, and 6 recovery/easy miles on Sunday. This weekend was filled with some good, solid therapeutic running as well as some needed downtime with the kids, and good conversation with J. 

Sadly, this morning did not start off ideally, as I snapped at J on my way out the door, about something insignificant and pretty stupid, frankly. Ah, the irrational irritation. 

Hope the rest is the week looks up. Here's the run plan for week 4:

6/13: Off, or 3 miles pm.
6/14: 5,6 with D in the am
6/15: 5 miles, am. Intervals. Treadmill
6/16: 4, 5 easy
6/17: Off
6/18: 10 with Jennifer
6/19: 6 recovery 

I haven't run Sound to Narrows in many years, but rocked my race shirt on Sunday, and then wore last years R2R shirt on Sunday. Who needs cute running tops when you've got a closet full of cool race shirts.

I also tested out my new Nathan handheld water bottle. It felt a little heavy around my hand at first but eventually I didn't even notice it much. It was nice to have the pocket on it so I cold stash my fuel. I may try it next time w my phone but that just seems like it would be more j comfortable from the weight. We shall see. I need to start testing fuel and gear early on. No need for diarrhea and chafing on race day, thank you very much! I've got enough chafing issues as it is #armchub

Bonus: post run breakfast shot. Definitely a food blogger I am not. 

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