Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 4. 16 more to go.

6/13: Strength- KB circuit
6/14: 6 miles, am 5 w/ D. 1 TM
6:15: 4 miles, TM
6/16: 3 sad miles. TM
6/17: Rest
6/18; 10 miles easy w J - Orting Trail
          Strength, pm 
6/19: 7 miles, outside

Strength: 2
Rest: 1 (whoops)
Miles: 30

The week started off rough but ended on a great note. Since I've started running, I've always embraced the treadmill for most of my training but man, lately the 'mill has been sucking so hard. I really struggled in the mornings to stay on the treadmill. I admit there were more than a few times I stopped it to just stand there and contemplate if I wanted to continue. I did, of course, since I'm so damn stubborn, but the struggle was legit

Saturday was an easy 10 with J at a 9:43 pace. She's not training for anything just yet so she wasn't worried about the pace, and I decided I'd rather catch up on life with her than share gasps of breath between strides, so we kept it pretty easy. All in all it was a good run. I need to focus on building the endurance I've lost over the last couple of months. 

I'm really trying to run both Saturdays and Sundays, to get my legs used to the miles and to also use one of the days as a slower recovery, but since I ran easy on Saturday, I decided to run at a pace that felt relatively comfortable. I listened to another Running On Om podcast, and found myself easily covering 6 miles as a 9:07 pace. It's quite amazing how much motivation and focus I can find from just listening to two people gab about fitness and life and motherhood. At the end of the run, I was still about a mile from home so I reset my clock and ran one slow recovery mile back to the house. Despite the faster pace, Sundays run felt extra amazing. I think it was also in part to the gloriously perfect weather. Perfectly chilled and sunny.  I passed quite a few clusters of runners so I'm assuming a bunch of us are training for something!

During the podcast, the host asked her guest to choose one phrase or word that would define her journey this coming year (podcast was from January, btw). I can't remember exactly what she ended up choosing but it made me think, what word would I choose. A flurry of words and phrases ran through my head- 

Don't give up
Try harder
Be positive

All of the generic mantras emblazoned on shirts and mugs, right? Nothing quite fit into place, so I gave myself a few hours post run to think more about where I'd like to focus on during the summer and my long marathon training. 


That is what I want to focus on. I want to trust- myself, my training, the path God has laid out for me and for my family. 

Seems so simple doesn't it? But we say yes, we trust this and that and we believe, but sometimes they're just words. I need belief with conviction. The gut feeling to trust my instincts, to trust the work I'm putting into this training, to trust the abilities given to me and the responsibility and confidence to manage it all - marriage, family, kids, work, life. 

Bonus: crappy picture time!

Reason#15283 I could never be a real
blogger #selftimerpicturefailure

Imagine how much faster I would be with long skinny legs #shadowgoals

Also, lookit mah new pink Mizunos! 

Current breakfast on rotation:

Gluten free oats
Hemp seed
Toasted coconut
1/4 cut up Larabar (genius decision)
Blob of sunbutter

Boom. So goooood

A food blogger I am most definitely not. 

Ok, off to bed! Meeting D at 5am for 6 miles. I may regret this decision when my alarm blares at 4:30am. 

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