Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Are we there yet?

Week 13: 

8/15: strength
8/16: 5 miles
8/17: 6 miles
8/18: Rest
8/19: Rest
8/20: 18 miles 
8/21: unplanned rest 


Injuries- 2

Weird looking week.

My total mileage is low, even with the whopping 18 miler on Saturday.  I've been lacking serious motivation to jump on the treadmill, and it clearly shows. My two runs I did manage to squeeze in were fine, but it did take me well over 2 miles to not feel terrible. I woke up feeling pretty tired on Thursday; with a sore knee to boot so I figured two days of rest would have me more prepared for Saturday's long run. 

Also, oh Monday while playing around with weights, I somehow tweaked my elbow and had pain everything I tried to lift heavy objects or even straighten my arm. By the time Saturday rolled around, I had a bum right knee and a permanently bent right arm. I also think the compensation of limping and not being able to bear full weight on my leg also tweaked my back-right side, naturally.  I also made plans to run w D on Sunday but I woke up with an incredibly sore knee, and made the call to cancel. I think this was our first early am cancel ever! 

7 weeks left and my first trio of injuries. Not quite what I was expecting after 13 solid weeks of training, plus all the relays and previous training I'd been doing. 

Met Mac early early in Saturday for what I thought was to be an easy, flat 18- out and back.

Some things-

The Orting Trail is real dark at 5:30am

It's also reaaaal creepy at that time. 

5:30am bikers look actual riders until you run to them after sunrise and realize they may possibly be homeless and be sleeping on the trail. 

Just because a trail is flat doesn't mean it's always easy. My knee was twinging for the first half of the run, and then I think I just got numb. 

18 miles is long. Very long. 

Running with friends make everything a little easier, and unexpectedly running into more running friends is the best!

Splits, so many

Beautiful sunshine along the river. First time running far enough on the trail to see this!

When you run 18, you are allowed to stop at McDonalds in your way home.

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