Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ten Ten Ten

Week 10

Monday: Easy XT
Tuesday: 5 miles, TM
Wednesday: 5 miles, hills
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 4 easy miles 
Saturday: 13.1, 10min pace 
Sunday: Rest. Chillin in Suncadia!


Rest - 2
XT - 1 
Miles: 27-ish

The last couple of weeks have been quite the struggle. Two weeks ago my mileage was lower than it should have been, and this week was lower than I had hoped. However, it's a new week right? 

Week 11?!

Holy sh.....

My weekday runs were less than fabulous but I did nicely talk D into running hills with me, and it was motivating to chase her up those hills. I generally take Friday's as rest days but since I accidentally skipped Thursday's run from basic exhaustion,  I managed to convince D yet again to run 4 easy miles on Friday before we left for a weekend trip to Suncadia.  I had planned to run the half marathon on Saturday, which aligned nicely with training, and John had signed up for the Sprint Duathlon  (run/bike/run). Our kids even joined in and raced the 1 mile kids race, which was pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

A group of us signed up to run the half, which was nice because it made my job of deciding to run slow a lot easier. I don't race well when I run with others, and since I hadn't been specifically training to race 13.1, I decided to keep it as a slow training run. The first few miles were faster than I should have gone, which resulted in a couple of "I really should quit running moments, all in my head, naturally. Clearly I need to work on the mental part of running, jeez. The course was surprisingly hilly, and the temps warmed up quickly. We walked up hills when we felt like it and then stopped at every water station. For a small destination race, the logistics were smooth and the support was fantastic. I'd definitely recommend the Suncadia races to anyone. We are going to try and make it an annual event. Plus, the house we stayed at was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfection all weekend. Thank you to the Smiths for a fabulous weekend!


So proud of my kids, and my husband!
This was Sunday. My race was Saturday, hence my normal clothing and regular appearance. 

First Duathalon race in the books

Beast Runners - half marathon finishers

My fave pics with Bart Yasso! He is so nice and down to earth! I even drove past him on Sunday and rolled down my window to yell "Go Bart!". #numberonefan

Half marathoners!

Also, as bonus I briefly met Run Eat Repeat. and saw the Run Blogger formerly known as Skinny Runner (SR) and RER checking out of the lodge. Of course they are both frickin adorable. I should have introduced myself but apparently meeting people in real life turns me into a major goob. Need to work on mah social skills apparently.

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