Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September, again

8/25: rest
8/26: 5 miles, TM
8/27: 4 miles, TM
8/28: rest
8/29: rest
8/30: 6 miles, TM
9/1: 8 miles easy, outside with D. 1:20

Total weekly mileage: 23


9/2: Labor Day! 
Random Tone It Up workouts on YouTube. Including yoga, arms etc. total time: 40 minutes of burnnnn.

9/3: 6 miles outside with JB. Slow. 
Easy not easy. 
Cowboy strut from previous day's squats. Ow. 

The problem with infrequent blogging is that I end up forgetting everything I had intended to recap last week. I can't remember my treadmill times and I'm having issues logging on to the iFit app. The runs have been pretty average and nothing to write home about. Saturday's treadmill run was slow and steady. It was also the first time in a very long time where I could have just kept going forever. 6.0 mph will do that to you. I had to move my long run to Sunday so I just took it easy and enjoyed the hour of Orange is the New Black. This was only after I so lovingly made chocolate pancakes for the kids for Saturday breakfast, only to come to the harsh realization that they clearly consider themselves pancake connoisseurs. Tiny, demanding, complainy critics. Did you know there is a wrong way to make pancakes? Did you also know that daddy makes the best pancakes? Did you?


I guess next Saturday we're having cold cereal.


Wow. Sorry. Where was I?

Running. Yes. So last week felt pretty solid, and I saw a tiny glimpse of my old run self coming back to me. I think the difference this time is incorporating more strength training into my life. I am starting to feel more like myself these days, albeit with way more muscle. I may never be thin, flabby Linda again but I've accepted that this is the new healthier, stronger and non "Asian pancake assed" one. 

Also, I am contemplating a few different half training plans 

1) 14 weeks with heavy emphasis on high mileage
2) 11 week plan basing runs on total time run, not miles
3) random hodgepodge of plans, incorporating more xt..

The first two plans have little mention of strength training. The first one has me running 8 miles of hills on a weekday.

Ain't nobody got time for that. 

I may just play this training cycle on the fly and just mix up the weeks as I go along. It kind of kills me inside to not have a straight, "follow this" plan, but I just haven't found one that I love 100% or is completely doable with my life right now The last plan I attempted had me bursting into flames of disappointment around week 4 and I'd rather not repeat that glorious failure. 

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