Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 3.. I think?

9/22: Rest
9/23: 6 Miles. NOPE. Rest
9/24: 6 Miles, TM.
9/25: 6 Miles, hills
9/26: Rest
9/27: 9 Miles, outside. Slow. Chatty. 1:35-ish.
PERFECT weather. Overcast, light mist and fresh, fresh air.
9/28: 5 miles, recovery. NOPE. Rest

Total Weekly Miles: 21
Total Rest Days: 4
Total Strength Days: 0 - UGH

I have barely been training and I can't even remember what week I am in. Feels like week 30, but I am pretty sure it's week 3.

This was one long ass week. I had deadlines at work, evening functions to attend (nothing fun, just curriculum nights etc), ladies night in, and general life fatigue. I barely made it up two days this week to run on the treadmill, but as usual, I'm always glad I did. I took a couple extra rest days this week, so my miles and activity are low, but I have no regrets.

Saturday was a struggle. I politely finagled my neighbor into meeting me at 6:30am for a long run. I told her I had 10 to do, but that we would most likely not run that far since she hadn't planned on that many miles.  She said she wasn't sure she'd want to run more than 8.


We ended up running 9.

This was kind of a calculated accident on my part. We were on par to run our usual 8 mile loop, but then I suggested an additional turn right, and then we ended up at 8 well before we hit home. So of course we just kept on running. I could have probably eeked out another slow mile but I felt slightly guilty having made her run so many unplanned miles. I mean, I was thrilled with the company, and our conversation flowed effortlessly but still, it was a lot of miles to run when you were not planning on it. We had to stop a couple of times to stretch because she felt her hips tightening up, and of course I welcomed the mini breaks.

I find that I don't fuel at all when I run with her, in part because we run at such a leisurely pace, but mostly because it feels awkward to be sucking down a Gu or chomping on a chew when I'm with someone. Also, I need to figure out a better water situation, as I am sure the fountains at the park will soon be shut off. I bought a fuel belt last year, with a tiny attachment for a water bottle but I just can't stand the sloshing and bouncing. I may look for some handheld options but I haven't yet found the perfect one.

I think in the next few weeks, I'm going to start incorporating more "real" speedwork on the road, as well as some true hill repeats around the neighborhood. I'm not sure how I will be able to fit those in on dark weekday mornings, but we'll see what I can do.

Sorry for the lame update. I had a pretty simple run week. Looking forward to amping up in the coming weeks. I am joining a friend for yoga on Tuesday, and also am going to attempt some hill repeats around the neighborhood. Enjoying the cooling temps and embracing the fresh air.

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