Monday, October 6, 2014

Weak-ly recap, #4

9.29: 5 Miles, TM
9/30: 4 Miles, outside. Vinyasa Flow with D, 1 hr
10/1: 6 Miles, TM. Tempo run - 2 mile warmup. 3 mile at close to GHMP, 1 mile cool down.
10/2: Rest
10/3 12 Miles. 9.8 Miles, potpourri. 5 solo. 3.7 with D - outside. 1.1 Mile on TM.
10/4: Rest. 10 Minutes strength, arms
10/5: 5 Miles, outside. 4 with JB

Total weekly mileage: 25.8
Total Strength/XT days: 1.5 days
Rest Days: 2

I had the best week. I was home from work all week, and while I definitely ran less than I had intended to, I enjoyed every second of my time. As I am apt to do, I once again adjusted my training to a plan I found in this book, borrowed from dear EC. Most of the information in the book is pretty basic but I love having it as a general reference guide for everything from training to nutrition. Plus, who doesn't love holding an actual, real book.

The intermediate half marathon plan  found in the book is basically the modified version of the more mileage heavy plan I had originally been using. This one is similar enough but let's be real, it's way more doable for me. I switched halfway through this past week, and was happy to see my 12 mile long run was now to be an 8 mile run. I know it's only 4 extra miles, but those extra miles can do a number on my mental weakness strength

Note to self: Work on my mental strength.

Anyways, none of my runs were particularly fast or feel good, but I got them done. My hamstrings were strangely very tight, and my arms were on fire all week from yoga. I wanted to squeeze in one more run for the week, and yesterday morning's weather was perfect, so I wrangled JB into an easy 4 mile jaunt around the neighborhood. Mind you, he had just gotten off the plane not even 12 hours prior. I promised we'd go slow and easy, and I even let him stop a few times. However, I miscalculated our distance and at 4 miles, we were still a mile away from home. At this point, he was feeling slightly nauseated, probably from fatigue and dehydration perhaps? He was very very annoyed with me not too happy about having to slog home the extra mile, so he stopped to walk while I motored on forward to burn rubber for 1 more mile on my own.

5 bright easy miles to end the week. Some grumblings from my running partner, but he'll get over it.

Guess which mile I ran solo...


Mile 1- 10:10
Mile 2 - 9:57
Mile 3 - 10:00
Mile 4 - 9:55
Mile 5 - 8:37

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