Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Still here

10/13: Rest
10/14: 6 miles, TM
10/15: 6 miles, TM 
10/16: Rest
10/17: Rest
10/18: 9 miles Ttl (4 TM), 5 outside. Slow
10/19: 5 easy miles with D

Total weekly mileage: 26
Total strength days: 0 (ugh)
Total rest days: 3

Just another week. Not feeling much faster, or much slower.  I am feeling at a not ideal plateau in my running. I haven't run at all this week because i was mildly sick with some sort of rogue stomach bug. Boo. Hoping I can sneak in a run today after work, which rarely happens. I am trying to take these kinds of weeks in stride and am hoping to get a second wind in the coming month. Time is running out. 

Get it? Stride? Running? 

Ba dum bump! Thanks! I'm here 'till Thursday, try the veal!

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