Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Womp womp

10/20: Rest
10/21: Rest
10:22: 4 miles? TM 
10/23: 4 miles, TM
10/24: 6 miles, TM 
10/25: Rest 
10:26: Rest

Total weekly mileage: 14 whopping miles
Total strength: 0
Total rest days: 4


That was not an exciting week. 

I had a couple things going on last week, namely some weird stomach bug that zapped my energy, and then a mini vacation this past weekend. I did my best to squeeze in some miles but I didn't get in quite as many as my plan indicated.

Oh well.

Normally I'd beat myself up over the lack of running, and overall discipline but I just didn't care last week. Letting my body rest was more important getting in some miles. I have about a month left until the Seattle Half, and I'm feeling ambivalent. I know I should care more, especially since I paid good money to race!  

I am in a neverending self pep talk when it comes to running, and so I'll get back to it tomorrow. Right?


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