Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Snore-cap, week 2

9/15: Rest
9/16: 6 miles easy, TM 
9/17:6 miles, hills. TM
9/18: 5 miles, TM. Nope, Rest
9/19: Rest
9/20: 7 miles, TM. 1:04?
9/21: 5 miles outside.with D, slow minutes. 51+ min

Total weekly mileage: 24
Total strength days: 0 (whoops!)
Total rest days: 3

This week was boring and uneventful. I was extra extra extra tired this past week. Blame a busy schedule, impending monthly visitor and general fatigue but I just didn't have much in me. I took an unapologetic unplanned rest day, ran my weeks long run on the treadmill and skipped my strength workouts for this week. Normally I would be beating myself up over not sticking to plan, and not getting my ass up out of bed and moving, but man. This week kicked my ass. We had an incredibly busy weekend, and I don't remember one moment getting to even sit down for a few minutes. I have a sinking suspicion that this will my our new lives as the kids get older, busier and more demanding.

You thought babies were demanding? Ha! Babies don't demand money, extra food, and the entire toy aisle at Target. 

Run wise, it felt good to get some hill work into my weekly rotation. I can't expect to get stronger running flat on the treadmill forever, I suppose. I'm not back to feeling the speed in my legs the same time as training last year, and honestly, I'm trying not to get discouraged. But I have time. Right?

I skipped my run this morning because yes, an extra hour of sleep felt necessary. I'll resume reg scheduled programming tomorrow AM but I am slowly learning to not be stupid listen to my body, and rest when I need it. 

More stretching and rolling need to happen but I am always a bit pressed for time after my morning run. Read: running around trying to stop sweating before i pull my work clothes on as I try to prevent my freshly applied makeup from sliding off my face. I may need to make it an evening habit before bedtime, instead of stumbling into bed right after the kids are asleep. To clarify, *it* refers to the rolling, not the running in circles like a maniac... Although I'm always kind of do that. There's just always so much to do and the clock is always ticking ticking ticking. 

Who, me.. Uptight?

Yes. Yes I am. Why do you ask...

*pours large glass of wine*

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