Thursday, October 24, 2013

I'm tired...

10/21: Rest
10/22: 7 Miles, 1:05 hr/min
10/23: 5 Miles, 45 min
10/24: 3 Miles, 26 min. 15 Ab Burner

Most runs done on 0% or 1% incline. Yes, I know I need to work on that.



This run was the last weekday 7 mile run on the training schedule. Funny how I've done 7 before in the morning, and even 8 and 9 (weekends) but for some reason felt psyched out about this particular day. I ended up sleeping early on Monday night ( around 8 pm, just like the seniors) and woke up feeling... still tired. I mean, let's face it, I will never NOT be tired waking up at 4am. I knew I needed a little over an hour to complete the run before rushing to get ready for work, so I didn't give myself much moping time like I normally do. Finished at a decent time, and 2 minutes faster than my previous 7 miles. I am finding that most of my treadmill runs end up being either progression runs or speed work, neither of which I really did when I ran outside exclusively. It's been nice to able to mix the runs up, even though I probably need to get out on the streets a little more often. Getting a little too comfy with the 'mill, I am. Oh! and almost forgot, I watched the first hour of Spirit of the Marathon during this run. It really helped the time fly by, and I was so inspired, and kind of choked up at certain parts .. da fuh..?

7 mi
1.7 ft
elevation gain
total time


On the training plan - 3-4 miles with strides. Finished watching Spirit of the Marathon. Yes, I did a weird gaspy cry while watching everyone run the Chicago marathon.

I.. just.. I don't even know.

Ended up doing 5 miles total: 3 miles at a relatively easy pace, and then intervals for the next two miles. It is amazing how much faster the time/distance flies by when doing intervals. The sprints are painful and even the recovery jogs feel like a little too much effort but before I know it I'm onto the next mile. It's kind of nice. Nice. And Painful. Burnnnn.

5 mi
8.6 ft
elevation gain
total time


Alarm went a little before 4am, and I immediately slapped the snooze button, and then threw the clock across the room reset the alarm for 5am. My legs were tired and I just... didn't want to get up. I figured because today was only 3-4 miles, I could just run after work. So.. of course, I spent all day annoyed at myself for not just getting up and getting it out of the way. At this stage in the game, having gone through this scenario a few times, I should have known better. I talked myself out of running about 20 times on the drive home from the train station, but figured I'd obsess about it all night if I didn't just get it out of the way.

We're noticing a theme here, right?

Running. It staves off the crazy. and yet, it brings it as well.

Yeah, I don't know either...

So, ran 3 miles while watching the newest episode of Modern Family. One of my favorite lines of the episode:

Claire: "I should talk to my dad. You know what? He was pretty down after the divorce. I bet he has some insight."
Phil: "Yeah, because you're dad's so in touch with people's feelings? When a man is overcome with emotion at a Celine Dion concert, you do not tell him to grow a pair!"
Claire: "Phil!"
Phil: "The ship went down but their love lasts forever!"

Love that show. I just need each HULU episode to be longer than 20 minutes!

After the run, I came upstairs and did a quick NTC program, Ab Burner. 
Side note - someone asked me today if I had a six pack, since I work out so much. My response: Yes... it's just hiding under a giant one pack. 

3 mi
4.5 ft
elevation gain
total time

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