Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Since I have 11 minutes before bedtime..

10/15: 6 Miles. 53+ min. Treadmill.

Another morning workout in the books. Mostly it's getting easier to get my ass out of bed, but it's never easy. Then again, running never really is. I can take it easy, or run easy but easy it never quite is.

Had to pep talk myself into doing the 6 miles as stated on my training schedule. I think it is always mentally easier to have the first run of the work week be the longest distance, and then the other days seem so much more manageable. Funny how running is such a mental game for me. Tomorrow is 3 miles with 8 strides, which seems much more doable in my mind, although the effort and sweat level will probably be about the same.

Per usual on today's run, started out pretty pokey and then ended the last 1/2 mile at an 8.5 speed. Still boggles my mind that people can run 26.2 at that speed, and even much faster at that!

6 mi
27.9 ft
elevation gain
total time


Home workout gear: Ghetto fabulous man's tshirt and Old Navy running shorts. Switched out my mizunos for some asics I usually wear out for errands. Trying to save up on the mileage on my wave riders until I can afford a new pair. Whoever said running is cheap is running around in old ass reeboks and free cotton t's, ok?

Btw, my man shirt is horrible and not suitable for public. It is pretty much square - wide as it is short long.

Kind of like this guy -


On another note, I have discovered some.. changes.. in the area of the rear.

My favorite jeans? No longer fit.


Well. They FIT. But comfortably? That is another issue. I mean, once I can wrangle them over my man calves, I can get them to ziiiip. But then... they're... hmm, how do you say.. snug.  I've always been the thin, flabby pancake butt Asian girl and suddenly I am now the not so thin, muscle-y, regular butt Asian girl.

Not sure what to do with this... thing back here?

However, the ever so wise Emily refers to it as "power butt", to zoom up those oh so challenging hills.
So if I think of it that way, I should be pretty thankful for this ba-dunk. I just have to get used to the fact that I now have some company bringing up the rear.

And that, my folks, is a wrap. 1 minute left and counting until I crawl into bed.
Need that sleep if this power butt is going to get up at 4AM tomorrow.


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