Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tomorrow we begin again...

10/19: 12 Miles w/ J. Garmin died with .6 miles to go. Mild rage.
10/20: NTC. 45 Min. Worth the Weight.


Saturday's weather was my idea of perfect running weather. Cold and foggy, with a chill in the air. Don't know the exact temp but I think it was in the low 40's. We didn't get out until 8:30 but the fog was still dense and lingering, which made for an initially chilly first half mile. J was pretty much covered head to toe, gloves included but I wore shorts, a s/s t-shirt, arm sleeves and a hat. It is the first time for me running in this kind of cold weather in shorts and I think it really worked well for me. I tend to warm up and overheat rather quickly so it was nice to have the cool air on my legs.

I must admit, it's been probably way too long since I've run outside in our neighborhood. The treadmill has become the fast and easy option for most days. Also, our neighborhood is deceptively hilly, and the beauty of the treadmill on a manual setting is that I can control the incline (or uh, lack thereof?). However, I think there is a danger in letting myself get too comfortable running on a 0% incline. While I do think the treadmill has really helped me in terms of speed work and getting in the miles, I need to keep pushing myself to work harder and faster on the hills and less predictable terrain.

Miles were slow and steady. Effort was relatively easy and we were both able to talk pretty easily without panting or wheezing (That came later, don't worry).  Later on, J commented how the miles seemed to go so much faster when we were able to talk. We stopped a little after 5 miles so J could get a drink from the fountain by the park and then motored on for the rest of the miles. Please let it be known that I generally strongly dislike (read: really, really hate!) stopping at all but I suppose there is no harm in pausing the Garmin for a few seconds to hydrate. I mean, it is annoying to halt my momentum but whatevs, it is fine. We don't get to run together very often so I can humor him this much.

Just a little.

I am really only capable of a little humoring, in general.

If at all, really.

Anyways! I took a salted caramel GU at mile 7, and call me crazy but it was delicious. I squeezed out every ounce of that artificially sweetened, ramped up, salted shmegma and enjoyed every sugar laden calorie. Interesting packaging, because it kind of made me feel like a beast?


I had a small water bottle on my waist belt but found I didn't need as much in the cooler temps. Interesting. Also, I think a handful of swedish fish throughout the run may have helped give me more pep in my step. Ah well, there will be a next time.

Garmin Splits. You know you've missed them, too.
And seriously, Mile 3? Da fuh...

Avg Pace

OH! And I almost forgot to tell you! My Garmin... it just.. died.. on mile 12! I was motoring my ass home and my pace was well under 9 minutes (another benefit of the 'mill - learning to finish strong) and I looked down at my watch and... nothing. Blank screen. All the previous miles for which I'd worked so hard?


Panic! Rage! Panic~ Also... are we almost at 12 miles? How would I know? HOW WILL I  EVER KNOW! *sobs*

*Ahem* Maybe runners are a tad dramatic.


Luckily, J's Garmin still had some juice so I just ran until his watch beeped at the 12 mile mark. Luckily, my Garmin recorded most of my run so I could just guesstimate my overall pace/time but I really had wanted a legitimate split for the last mile. As you can figure out, I am the type of person who needs credit for every mile and every minute. Check check check check check!


Felt some nagging knee pain around mile 7,8-ish. Need to be more diligent about taking my Move Free, as well as stretching, foam rolling and icing. You know, general taking care of the self.

Foggy the entire run. Started to feel strangely disoriented in certain parts of the neighborhood. Glad I was running with someone else, because I couldn't see past 30 feet in front of me. Note to self: need to learn karate. Or practice swift kicks to the nutzos.

Still no wireless headphones, therefore.. no music. Ass music, courtesy of J, after 6 miles but not the same.


Contemplated a rest day today but what I really wanted to do was run again on the treadmill. However, I know that if I want to get faster and stronger, I need to pepper in a little cross training so I forced myself to stay upstairs and do a Nike Training Club workout: Worth the Weight, 45 min.

Weights with a lot of quad work. I am still feeling the burn 12 hours later. I'm feeling sore but strong. Kind of hoping to avoid looking like this


Tomorrow morning: Rest? Or...

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