Monday, October 14, 2013

Last week...

10/7: Rest
10/8: 5 Miles, 48 min
10/9: 4 Miles. Wait...Rest Slept in, ok?!
10/10: 6 Miles, 55 min
10/11: Rest 4.2 Miles, 38 min. Penance for skipping Wed.
10/12: 8 Miles, 1:14. LR before PDX w/ girls.
10/13: Rest. 

Continuing the AM weekday runs. Third week in a row. So far? I'm DOING IT. Let's see how long I can keep this going. Tomorrow morning is 6 miles.


I mean, YAY. Mmmhmm....

All runs last week done on the treadmill.

No XT. Whoops.

Miles for last week lower than the previous two weeks.

Anyways, I'll highlight my longest run of the week. 8 miles on the treadmill at 5:45am before beginning a fun girls trip to Portland for the day. Food. Shopping. Food. The end.

Started out pretty pokey and took me some time to wake my body up, but I kicked it up at the end because the previous person who had run this on the IFit program had run it in 1:15, so I wanted to at least match, if not beat, that time. I'm not generally a competitive person, but every once in a while that side of me will creep out. Sprinted to a 1 minute victory! No one cares! And yet.. totally winning!

IFit workout: Historic Columbia River Hwy

8 mi
78.6 ft
elevation gain
total time

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