Saturday, October 5, 2013

Orting Trail? YES. Chocolate Milk? NO.

10/5: 10 Miles. Orting Trail w/ J. Flat. Easy. Crisp and sunny.

Today's run kind of makes me want to punch myself in the jaw.

Because it was kind of fantastic.


It sounds so annoying, reading that doesn't it? But today's setting was pretty perfect.

Sunny. 42 degrees. Shorts and a l/s shirt. J for some company. No music (On the fence with this one, really). We were I was able to talk through much of our run and J just patiently nodded or grunted a response every now and then. J has ridden his bike on that trail a number of times, but it was all new to me so I was like an eager kid with tourettes.

Where are we again?
Where is 167?
Hey look, a Christmas Tree Farm!
Ducks! Someone is selling ducks?
Pumpkins! We really need to go to the pumpkin patch soon.

Those houses are big!
Oooh SHINY...

I wouldn't have minded some music but I have to admit it was nice to be able to chat and laugh a bit together while running, and also I think it was probably safer to be unplugged since the trail was pretty desolate in certain places.

Also, my wireless headphones are broken.

So, the decision was a little easier to make. Sad. Oh well. Time for some new ones!

Like every other run, the first few miles are always a bit challenging. It takes me quite a while to warm up and get into the groove, and my mile splits are testament to that. J called me a "drunk runner" because I kept drifting to the left, right in front of J and his stocking'd, and neon feet. Clearly I have issues finding a warm up pace, or any pace at all really. However, one major improvement from this past week's treadmill running is my ability to increase pace in the later miles. We ran five easy miles, stopped because J needed a quick breather and then turned back around to our car. Miles 5,6 definitely felt easier because my body had loosened up and I was able to finally find my stride. Around mile 7 is when J decided to turn some music on his phone that he was keeping zipped up in his back shorts pocket. So, there we were, running steadily back towards our car, with music blaring from J's ass. 8 and 9 were steady and brisk. Finally we hit mile 10 and I turned to J and said "Let's go". We picked up the pace for the last mile and I actually out sprinted him for the last half mile or so. So THERE.

The first few miles felt good, easy and steady and I felt really strong the last half of the run.


Garmin Splits, oh how I've missed you so.

Avg Pace

No fuel. Water.
Piece of toast w/ PB and lots of coffee beforehand.


Lesson of the day: Chocolate milk is an easy, no brainer recovery drink for most people but not. for. me. Or, that is what my rumbling tummy has been telling me all day. Let's just say it was a good thing we were close to home...Holy "Harry Dunn", my friends.

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