Monday, October 28, 2013

The Art of Pacing in the Rain (or fog, as it just so happens..)

10/25: Rest
10/26: 8 Miles outside. 1:12+
10/27: 5 Miles, treadmill. 44+min
12/28: Rest

Trying to embrace the rest days. Even when I indulge in some cupcakes at work.

And some chex mix at home. Whooops.


I am exhausted from non running related weekend festivities so I'll keep it short ... especially since this is probably going to be boring.

Ran outside for this week's "long run" of 8 miles. Funny how 8 miles used to feel so intimidating but now it just feels like a regular run, especially since I ran 7 miles on Tuesday, a week day run! The only thing that is still intimidating and simultaneously head scratching is my pace. I.. kind of suck at pacing.

Let us take a moment and examine the mile splits, once again showcased by the Garmin:

Avg Pace

Let us take a moment to study this, shall we?

.... .............. ..........

... So... what the... eh?

Originally I had planned to run easy for the first 4, 5 miles and then finish with 3,4 HMP miles.
Well, as you can see, I'm not quite sure what I did. It is not really.. anything?

Tempo? No
Progression? No
Threshold? No
No? No.


It was just a wackadoodle run.

Yes, I just used that weird word. I'm like an 80 yr old man. I mean, what in tarnation!

After the first two miles, I knew I was probably going out too fast if I wanted to train my pace on this run. I can't really tell you what I was thinking or doing during the run. I just remember feeling a little roller-coastery during each mile. Mile 6 ended up being the only mile of the latter half that was relatively close the HMP and then I think I just sped up the last two miles to be DONE. I didn't have any fuel or water duirng the run, unless you count the 3 swedish fish I sucked on intermittently. I also ended up holding the bag of candy in my hand, which was not surprisingly slick with sweat at the end. Mmmm, sweaty fish.

In an ideal world, sub 9 (8-40 something..) would be my goal half pace at this stage of my running life but I haven't trained enough for longer runs at that pace. I am finding myself at this weird stage where all of my runs are the same pace - 3, 4, 5 mile pace is pretty similar to my 8-10 mile pace, give or take a little. It's hard for me to run the slow ones slow, and the fast ones fast. Seems like it should be easy but maybe I'm just making this too difficult for myself.

Wouldn't be the first time.

But long story short, clearly I need to work on my pacing.


Sunday's workout: 5 Miles, treadmill. 1 full episode of Falling Skies, which left me wide eyed at the end scene. At least the time went quickly. Not sure if I can watch something so serious in the early mornings though. Any suggestions for something entertaining and preferably lighthearted to watch at 4am? Anyone?
Between Falling Skies and The Spirit of the Marathon, I need something... easy.

5 mi
37.5 ft
elevation gain
total time


Tomorrow's plan: 3-4 miles + 10 strides. We'll see about the 10.... Most likely I'll do 5mi, but we'll see what happens. I make no promises when it's that early in the morning. I'm lucky if I remember to put on a bra...

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