Thursday, October 3, 2013

Unrecognizable, this here me

9/29: 3 Miles, 26 Min. NTC 30 Min: The Shredder
9/30: Rest
10/1: 7 Miles, Treadmill. 1:07
10/2: 4 Miles, Treadmill. 40 minutes. Random. Accidentally reset TM. Twice. Whoops.
10/3: 5 Miles, Treadmill. 45 min.
10/4: Planned Rest Day

The workouts highlighted in purple took place at the ungodly hour of 4AM.


As in, the MORNING. When it's real dark outside. And smart people are still sleeping soundly in their warm, inviting beds. 

Not sure quite what's come over me, but I am really getting used to the idea of getting the run out of the way first thing in the morning, and not having to worry about fitting it in the schedule after a long work day. Not gonna lie, it is very difficult to get up when the alarm blares at 4, and I lie there playing mind games with myself for a good 10 minutes - there I stay, curled up in a ball trying to convince myself maybe to sleep an extra hour and run after work, and then I start a mental debate of whether or not I'll have the energy or time to run after work and if I'll be mad at myself the entire day if I skip out and blah blah mental battle blah. Eventually, once I resign myself to roll out of bed, wash my face, scrape my hair up in a ponytail and headband and get (hastily) dressed, I feel marginally better. I admit, it is not easy to wriggle on a twisted sports bra that early in the morning. The first mile of every run is always a bit rough but I just push myself to keep going. Not an easy thing to do when the clock still says 4:something or other. But I just turn up the music, zone out and keep moving my legs.

It's always a battle to get started, and often times the battle never ends. But it never fails, when I'm done?

I feel great.

Go me! *shakes tiny pom poms*


Tomorrow is a rest day. Plan is for work, then rest, and a lot of pizza and candy in between.
Saturday's plan is 10 miles with J. That should be interesting. He's only ever run 10 miles twice - One during the half (well, he hobbled from miles 8 to 13) and then once around our neighborhood. Good times to be had by all.

Special shout out to this Bomb diggity trio running their first FULL MARATHON on Sunday. GO GIRLS GO!

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